The Oxford Blue
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For us, providing what we believe to be the best sourced produce is the backbone of The Oxford Blue. Surrounded by the Crown Estate we are very privileged to have the opportunity to use her majesty’s game in our dishes. Wild animals graze in the surrounding area, which is literally on our doorstep!






    Depending on the season, you can look forward to heather reared grouse from high up the flanks of Lochnagar, one of Scotland’s most famous mountains and red deer from the old Caledonian Pine Forest.

  • THE CROWN ESTATE - Windsor




    We are fortunate to be working with the game keepers at the Crown Estate who will be helping us in sourcing our meat and game locally which means it’s fresh and ready to eat. We will be ordering in-season game from the Great Park in Windsor including pheasant, venison, wood pigeon and mallard.


  • Aubrey Allen

    We’re a family business established in 1933 by Aubrey Allen
    From a humble butcher’s shop in Coventry the company has evolved to become one of the best known catering butchers in the UK. We have grown through our commitment to making the best quality meat available to our customers.





    Flying Fish Seafoods have some of the richest and most varied fish and shellfish stocks in the UK, if not the world.

    Day after day, night after night, week after week, they use their specialist local knowledge, skill and hard graft to bring us beautiful fish from the ship to the pub in 48 hours, or less.

  • Celtic Fish and Game

    With years of experience coupled with a prime location, Celtic Fish & Game are a family run business in a unique position to offer you the finest collection of foods.

    We are perfectly located to take advantage of the thirty to forty species landed into our local ports Newlyn, Looe, Plymouth and St. Ives. We attend the auctions daily to offer our customers the freshest fish at the best possible prices.

    The fish landed via the Newlyn and Plymouth Markets is landed within quota restrictions. Ensuring the fish we supply is sustainable is very important, therefore by using the local markets we can guarantee this. The fish is bought and sold by vessel therefore each fish we sell can be traced to the boat which caught it.

    Sourcing as locally as possible is very important to us. In addition to the fish and game there is a wealth of local produce available. We buy local shellfish, meat, cheese and chutneys.


  • Wellocks



    Welllocks search the globe to find producers and farms that take pride in what they produce, from the everyday basics to the most exotic elements of your dish. They will be providing fruit, vegetables, sundries and store cupboard essentials for The Oxford Blue.

  • Premier Cheese

    Premier Cheese

    Eric and Amnon set up Premier Cheese in 1999. They both shared a passion for only the very best quality that could be found. By working only directly with producers, they have now established the business as a supplier of choice throughout the country via the unique platform of a highly trained and knowledgeable sales team working directly with chefs through van sales.

  • Windsor & Eton Brewery


    Windsor & Eton Brewery

    Windsor ales were once famous amongst rich and poor alike. Traditional cask brewing is a uniquely British institution. Windsor and Eton Brewery have worked with many other brewers all around the country who have been incredibly generous with their time and experience.

  • Doppio Coffee Warehouse


    Doppio Coffee Warehouse

    Doppio Coffee is a coffee wholesale company that aims to build a bridge between roasters, coffee equipment manufacturers, and independent coffee shops, which is great for us as that means that we always get access to the best coffee available to suit our menu.




    Luscombe have been making a variety of drinks since 1975. Based on a farm in deepest Devon, all of their drinks are crafted with exceptional care and integrity. Gabriel David, the head of the family-owned business, sources the ingredients direct from growers he trusts. There are no compromises, only the best goes in the bottle.




    Tregothnan puts the English into English tea for the first time in history. We planted the first ever tea in the UK in 1999, to create this inimitable Britishness. Home to the Boscawen family, the belief in doing things well here, has persevered since 1334.

    Tea – Camellia sinensis – thrives at Tregothnan by the deep sea creek of the Fal in Cornwall. The world’s favourite beverage has finally found a home on British soil and today we continue to experiment, create and innovate.



    Find Us:

    10 Crimp Hill, Old Windsor, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 2QY