What a month it has been. The bar is in, kitchen is almost complete, new flooring in, windows fitted and the wine attic is starting to look how we envisaged.

 We now have a complete team and are so excited to get the beautiful new door open to all of our lovely guests!


Hunting for good coffee isn’t as easy as you might think. We live in a world full of coffee drinkers and find it vital to ensure we serve a coffee brand that we really believe in and that tastes phenomenal. Coffee is amazing. To find a decent coffee at the highest quality was essential and this drive brought us to the guys at Doppio coffee. Doppio coffee is a young coffee company in London who are full of energy and passion.

 We went to Doppios coffee shop in Shoreditch to have a chat about a potential deal with them. As we held a meeting, the barista asked what we would like to drink. Margriet had an espresso and myself a latte. At this moment we realised that these guys were serious. Beautifully prepared coffee with the right balance of flavour. It wasn’t a question anymore whether we would work with these guys or not, it was just necessary. We then agreed on our coffee machine which has been handmade for us in Italy. It goes without saying that we chose the colour blue.

 Last month we went to the Shoreditch shop for a blind coffee tasting. Raphael prepared different types of coffee in an espresso and a latte. Myself and Margaret  then tasted and made an evaluation of the coffee’s that we had tried. At the end of the tasting we compared notes and had both agreed on the same coffee being the best quality.

 When we asked which coffee it was, it was the same we tasted months back whenwe first met up with Doppio. It was meant to be! So, what coffee have we chosen?

 Caffe Diemme Aromatica Coffee Blend.

Diemme aromatica’s balanced mix of Arabica (70%) and Robusta (30%) beans creates a slightly sweet flavour that boasts a balanced bitter taste.