Fish for Thought is a small Cornish family business. Their roots can be traced back many generations in Cornwall. Apparently one member of their family, Francis Trudgian, owned half of Cornwall back in the 1500’s. Unfortunately he backed the wrong religion, lost the lot and ended up in The Tower of London!

The Fish for Thought family share a deep love for Cornwall and a huge affinity with the sea and all that goes on in it and indeed on it. Paul, the owner, has always had a passion for fishing, surfing and cooking and when an opportunity came up to relocate to Cornwall, Paul and his family up-sticks without much persuading!

From these humble beginnings, supplying a small band of loyal local restaurants and hotels, Fish for Thought has grown and developed. They have passed a number of significant milestones and their unwavering commitment to being the best at what we do and their open and honest approach has stood them in good stead.

We look forward to working with Fish For Thought to bring you the finest fresh fish and seafood direct from Cornwall. We are committed to local, sustainable sourcing, working only with the best local fishermen and seafood suppliers – you can’t get fresher fish unless you catch it yourself!