Last month we paid a visit to Keltic Seafare, Scotland’s Number One Live Shellfish Supplier in Dingwall.

Having received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Enterprise in International Trade the organisation and the staff at Keltic Seafare work exceptionally hard to fulfil the factory’s promise of delivering live produce from seabed to table within 24 hours. They supply some of the top end restaurants in and around the UK, France and Spain; and on occasion have supplied crustaceans to New York and Hong Kong.

We are so glad to be working with Keltic Seafare who will now be delivering their produce to us at The Oxford Blue in Old Windsor. If you choose to eat one of our shellfish dishes, you can be certain that it will be almost as fresh as taking it straight from Scottish waters to our kitchen.

The langoustines and lobsters are creel-caught whilst the scallops are collected by hand, which makes the service so much more personal. The hand-dived approach to the collection of scallops supports sustainable fishing, as the alternative of acquiring scallops by dredging involves the seabed and its inhabitants being disturbed, the surface being furrowed and by-catch being wasted. Keltic Seafare’s divers take pride in reaching each scallop by hand, after which they are loaded onto the vans that await them on land. The vans deliver them to Dingwall for a speedy dispatch, and if they’re due South they become (somewhat unorthodox) passengers on the overnight sleeper train to London.

My team and I were shown around the company’s building, where we saw first hand how the magic happens behind the doors of the factory, and were very impressed. This no-middle man approach is kindred to The Oxford Blue: the produce grown in Britain, whether it’s food or drink, in most cases gets delivered straight from the place of produce, directly to us. We serve it to you. Simple as that.